Türkiye Bursları/ Turkey Scholarships

Turkey Scholarships/Beasiswa Turki diberikan untuk jenjang associate, bachelor, master dan doctoral degree serta research program. Di samping itu, beasiswa ini full dan belajar bahasa turki secara percuma alias gratis. jika requirement memenuhi, silahkan mengunjungi link berikut.


About Mr. Zaid Romegar Mair, ST., M.Cs

Man jadda wajada. Man shabara zhafira. Man saara ala darbi washala. because time is a sword, we have the same time is 24 hours a day. if your time is not used for religious (dien) then it will run out as well but not for religion (dien). thank you for stopping in my blog. introduce my profile. Zaid Romegar Mair received a ST in informatics Engineering (2008) from Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He then pursued higher degrees in the Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta Indonesia a M.Cs in Computer Science (2013). 2 weeks after post graduation married with woman of graceful intelligent bukittinggi western Sumatra that Nikmah Rasyid Ridha. blessed with a handsome boy Muhammad Amjad Nuhamair. from 2014 until now be lecturer Politeknik Sekayu,South Sumatera Indonesia. Interest in Data Mining, Digital Forensic and Artificial Intelligent. Now get a duty to support the theory and practical courses Computer Networking, Operating Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures, Human-Computer Interaction, Graphic Design, Office Applications, Typing 10 Finger and Applied Mathematics.
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